Plus Sized Women Have More Options Now!


I have had some interesting conversations with some wonderful women in the last few weeks and it surprises me that the options that plus sized women have in clothing are not known more widely.

I helped out a Fit For A Queen Boutique a few weekends ago.  I was very surprised by the comments that the customers were making.  They were saying that they had no idea there were clothes that were fun and fashionable in their sizes.  They didn’t know that the boutique was there.  And sad to say, most of the women were wearing over-sized t-shirts and baggy shorts or pants.  I was sad and excited at the same time.  The opportunity to tell these women that they had other choices was exhilarating.  But saddened because they didn’t know that were other choices out there for them.

I was speaking with a fellow dog lover yesterday and she had recently moved to the area.  I mentioned Fit For A Queen and several other plus sized clothing stores.  She had no idea these places were here.  I also told her about lots of other website that she could go to.

So, tonight I was thinking that maybe I needed to let everyone know of all the other options they have for buying well-made, fashionable, flattering clothing for plus sized women.

In the Cleveland and Chattanooga areas, there are the following stores:

Fashion Bug – 283 PAUL HUFF PARKWAY NW, CLEVELAND, TN 37312.

Fit For A Queen Boutique – 7315 LEE HIGHWAY, CHATTANOOGA, TN.


Catherine’s – 2040 HAMILTON PL UNT 225, CHATTANOOGA, TN 37421.


Online provides additional sources for plus sized clothing.  Some of my favorites are:

Sonsi – 

Ashley Stewart –

One Plus Stop –

IGigi –

Kiyonna – and are websites that combine several different plus size designers on to their websites.  It saves times and gives you way more options for finding the perfect piece of clothing that you are looking for.

So, shop on my lovely full-figured ladies!  We have way more options than ever before.  There are no more excuses for baggy t-shirts and shorts.  We will be styling and feeling confident and beautiful in no time!!


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