Closed my Facebook for Sunshine Plus Style


Today I decided that I was no longer to spend time and effort on things that are not working.  Even though I love fashion and watching what’s going on around me in the Plus Size Industry, the Facebook page was a big drain.  It was time to admit that it was not working.  Which is fine, I mean, after months of following and posting on there, I only had 9 fans – so it’s not going to hurt anyone’s feelings that I no longer post on there anymore.  Really, I was watching and following people more than anything else.

It is actually kind of a relief.  That is one more thing off my “have to do” list.  Now, I can enjoy fashion because I enjoy fashion, not because I feel the need to show everyone else what’s available out there in plus size fashion. I like that.

Well, have to run.  I have a 3 hour conference call for Arizona I have to sit in on now for work.





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