Very Disturbing



I read a very disturbing article today and I can’t get the horrible images that it described out of my head.

It was an article about dogs being eaten as meat in China and other countries.  It described, in way too much detail, how dogs are brought to slaughter houses and the horrible way in which they are slaughtered.

I, honestly, thought I would throw up.  I cried and I grabbed up my black lab mix dog, Chelsea, and hugged her with all my might.  I could imagine this horrible treatment happening to her because of the vivid description given and it is breaking my heart!

I love my dogs as if they are my children.  Ask my children, they will tell you.  They are a part of my family.  I miss them when I am traveling and away from them for more than a day.  I miss them following me around the house, every where I go.

The thought of anyone treating any kind of living thing the way these people are treating these dogs just makes me sick!  One of the questions asked in the blog/article was, “Why not eat dogs?”  Basically, they were talking about it as if it was the fix-all for the over-population problem and the hunger problem.

I say, “NO WAY!!!!” Have you ever seen the horrible conditions and the mess that was made out of the horse slaughter issue?  And you want to go down that path again for dogs?  NO WAY!!!!

How do you feel about this?  I know that I am not sharing the link for the blog or article, I don’t want to perpetuate it.  But, could you ever imagine slaughtering dogs as a solution to overcrowded shelters and hunger?


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