Contractors, Ugh!!


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So, my worst fears have come to fruition on my front porch.  I have had my doubts about it from the beginning, but now it is official.  I had a professional look at it and they say it is not even close to being up to code.

It is not level, the spacing on the railing is not right, the pitch on the deck makes it feel like you are going to roll down the deck, over the railing and just keep on going on down the front yard.  There are no joists under the decking, so it sags in two different places.  I don’t know what they did on the top of the railing, but it’s a mess.

They just eyeballed where the screws should go.

So, I guess I will begin taking it apart when the rain stops.  I talked to someone else about rebuilding it for me.  I am glad that I didn’t spend any money on deck furniture!!  Now I can spend it on rebuilding the deck.  Ugh!!!

The new guy told me I should call the old guy up and at least make him tear it down.  My concern is that if I do that, they will do a crappy job taking it apart and there won’t be any salvageable wood left.  I think I will just do it myself – sort of self-punishment for not properly looking into the contractor and doing a good job of hiring the right person to begin with.

I should have known when they cut corners and didn’t do the back pergola properly that I was not going to be happy with the front porch.  They didn’t replace the pergola boards with the 10 x 2’s that were there, they replaced them with 6 x 2’s.  Then, they reused the old hurricane brackets that were originally there – the ones that were torn apart by the tornado!  Then, they “couldn’t find” any extra brackets for the ones that couldn’t be reused or were gone, so they just nailed the boards in place, and not very sturdily.  So I went out and got the brackets myself and put them up before I painted the porch.  Oh yea, after they were finished and were patting themselves on the back for the job they had done, they let it slip that they had never built a porch from beginning to end before.  They were actually proud of themselves for this monstrosity!!  Had they told me that at the beginning, I would have hired someone else to do the front porch.

The french drain they installed, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  That is a complete joke.  The black pipe is sitting in a very shallow ditch and is about 2″ above ground level.  I can’t mow over it, I can’t do anything around it.  So again, after the rain stops, I will be out there re-digging the ditch so that the drain is actually buried in the ground and I will have to add drainage rock to it, because they didn’t even come close to thinking about adding that.

Frankly, by the time they said they were finished, I just wanted them gone.  I signed off on everything and said goodbye and good riddance.  I know the right thing to do is to call them up, let them know how dissatisfied I am and force them to fix it.  But I don’t want them back here.  I don’t want to deal with them ever again.

So, if you live here in the Cleveland, TN area – stay away from R & J Property Maintenance – they are not any good at all!!!


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