Halloween 2011


  So, who had a blast last night Trick or Treating for Halloween?  Jacob did!!  The night started out pretty sad.  All of Jacob’s plans for the night fell through until the last minute.

He was able to hook up with 2 of his friends from school and go trick or treating in one of those neighborhoods that you see on TV.  Lots of houses, lots of kids,  and lots of candy.


The kids were in heaven!

I was digging through the box of Halloween decorations and costumes and found this old cape that I made for Chelsea years ago.  I actually made it out of left over material from Megan’s Halloween costume.    She had a purple dress with the cape made out of the black tulle with purple spiders all over it.  I tried to find a picture of it, but it was back in 2005 sometime and I can’t find it.  Bummer 😦

The funny thing is Jacob wore the same mask that Megan wore back in 2003 for his costume.  That mask has seen both kids through many Halloween’s where we came up short on costume ideas.

Well, anyway.  Enough of that nostalgia. Jacob had a great time last night.  And Daisy looks adorable in the costume.




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