Non-Dysfunctional Thanksgiving! Yay!


What a nice Thanksgiving this year.  I took Cool Mona’s advice and took the dysfunction out of the holiday.  No drama.  No guilt.  Just family, food, and friendship.

My daughter invited her boyfriend to come to dinner with us and asked if we could eat a little earlier in the day so that they would be able to eat at his family’s later in the evening.  No problem.  That was easy.  And we got to enjoy their company.  They got to relax and be able to not have to rush from one place to another.

My ex-husband drove in from Texas to spend Thanksgiving with the kids.  Thank God that we have figured out how to have a stress free relationship now so we are able to enjoy the holiday’s more now.

I did not step near any of the Black Friday sales – definitely no stress there!!I decided to not go down that path this year.  I am going to shop at the local small businesses this year and buy family gift certificates for services they can actually use.  Or I am baking goodie baskets for them.

Christmas is going to be pretty slim this year.  Just like thousands of other families this year.  I don’t think that is such a bad thing.  When you can’t fall prey to all the commercials and ads you are able to relax and remember what Christmas is really all about.

Well, I hope that everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving.  Even though it has been a pretty rough year, I still had a lot to be thankful for.


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  1. Sometimes it’s the hard(er) times that drive us back to simplicity, and thus remind us of what it really important. People are still hurting with these unemployment rates, and the gift giving aspect can add to their stress. What about returning to the days of baking apple or pumpkin bread instead of running around the mall all day?

    • I completely agree!! I am going to be giving homemade gifts and baked items for Christmas this year. Of course, most years I give a “Goodie Basket” to my family members with all things chocolate in them. It’s become a requirement these days.

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