Do you ever just get this overwhelming feeling and need to create?  I have been going through that lately.  It’s almost to the point of an addiction – I MUST create something.  I MUST vent my creativity into something tangible and useable.


I hate to admit it, but normally when this feeling comes on, I go through the motions of finding cool projects, even buying the materials to create it and then… sits there and never gets finished.  Not so, this time. 


I saw this amazing dining room table on Pinterest and decided that all the wood I have left over from the porch could be used for several different projects.  Including a new table for the porch.  So, last weekend, Jake and I pulled out some suitable boards, cut them down to size, sanded them,  and I stained them.  This weekend, I re-sanded them – to make them look worn – and assembled them and mounted them on my old table stand.  Put some sealant on it last night and Voila!!  I have a new table for my porch.


This morning, I found myself drawn to Pinterest again to find another project.  This time, its an indoor kitchen herb garden.  I have leftover wood from the headboard I made a couple of years back, leftover paint from painting the kitchen, Mason jars laying around, and I like herbs.  And I want to get rid of this picture my mother gave me of pasta.  I would rather replace that unpleasant memory with a living growing work of art.

Before I started the table, I finished up two projects on tongue depressors. 


Mom!! I’m Bored.


101 Things To Do With Your Dog


It’s like I am driven to complete these projects, like my inner voice is screaming to be heard, and I don’t know why it is so desperate right now.  I guess all I can do is to let it create and be heard right now.  Eventually, I guess, I will understand what it is trying to say.

Have you ever been like this?  What did you do?  Did you ever figure out what the message was?  Share with me, please!!  I need help!!



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