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What a trip!


So…the last post I wrote was in March of this year.  I was starting to work outside my home for the first time in many years.  What I have discovered about myself over the last 4 months is that I am not a 9 to 5 kind of person.  I don’t do well working for other people – in an authoritarian capacity.

I guess I have been on my own for far too long.  So I am going to accept that fact about myself and work with it.  I am going to embrace the independent entreprenurial spirit that I am and move forward.  I am going to quit fighting with myself over who I truly am.

So, after much thought and many job changes, I am going back to what I know and love – working with the dogs.  I may fall flat on my face…or I may succeed – lets hope its the latter!!  I learned some very hard lessons in my last adventure with Sunshine Canine and hopefully I will avoid those pitfalls this time around.

This time around, there will be no overhead – no buildings to rent and furnish, no retail items to try to sell – it will be strictly a service business run from my home.  I will offer private training, pet sitting and dog walking services, Period.  There will be no huge outpouring of money to things I hope will give me a return on my investment.  This time word of mouth, networking and referrals will be the way to go.  No credit cards – cash or checks only.

Those are just the business operating decisions.  As far as my dog handling and training methods, those will remain the same because they work and are proven.  I love the dogs!  I love working with them.  They are incredible creatures that amaze me every day!  My training techniques and true love for them come through loud and clear to the dogs and their people every time.  That will never change.

I hope that you will follow me as I venture down this road again.  I will share how things are going with you as I go.


Dog Training & Pet Services

Dog Training & Pet Services