Monthly Archives: September 2015

This year has been so much better!!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis year has been so much better than last year.  I have been working at High Tails Dog & Cat Outfitters since February and I could not imagine that I would be so satisfied at a job.  I get to work with dogs in the doggie day care, in the grooming area, and I get to offer training services as well.  When I get bored….I get to go play with the dogs.  Does it really ever get any better than this?  I think not!!  I also get to take care of the bookkeeping and the social media campaigns.   So when I am not playing with dogs, bookkeeping or interacting on the social webs…I get to read books and learn more about dogs.

Again, does it get any better than this?!!!!  NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!!!

I guess I had to go through all that hell last year to figure out where my heaven is.  I had to relax and realize that my true calling is with dogs and not sitting at an office desk with a fancy title and work clothes.  I love coming home exhausted and dirty!

Follow your heart and soul.  Forget about what society has told you is the appropriate thing for you to do.  Do what makes your heart sing.

Sunshine T.