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Talk About Embarrassing

Never wear a slip whose elastic has been worn out!

Never wear a slip where the elastic has dried out!

O.M.G.  The other day I was wearing a skirt with an old slip underneath.  I had been having to mess with it most of the morning, but really didn’t give it a whole lot of thought.

So, I am walking through Target on my lunchbreak when something catches my eye.  I look down and much to my chagrin…my slip was down around my ankles!!  Well, being fairly adept at humiliation and embarrassment, I just stepped out of the slip, picked it up, and stuffed it in my purse.  I just kept on walking like nothing happened.

I have no idea if anyone saw my little mis-hap or not, but I did have to chuckle at myself.

Do things like this ever happen to you?  Tell me your stories!!


End of a Rough Year


I don’t know about you, but I have had one hell-of-a-year this year.  Multiple jobs, multiple people in and out of my life, and multiple changes for me.

Let’s just do a quick recap.  At the beginning of the year, I was working with my sister and then chose to go to work full-time for one of our clients up in Aspen.  That turned out to be too much commuting and way too much time away from home. After a few months of that, I found a different job working in an office in Basalt.  Turns out the owner of that company is/was a complete crook. I walked out on that job after he kind of/sort of fired me…but wanted me to stay till the end of the week (so he could scam some more people out of their money…and he wanted me to be there to help).  Needless to say, I did not stay and I did not help him.  I walked out of the office that afternoon and never went back.  Even left a high dollar laser printer behind so as not to ever have to step foot in that place again.

I decided that I was going to go back into full time dog training and pet sitting.  Well, unfortunately, that is still not and never has been a way for me to make a good living.  I cannot support myself or my family on the money I make as a trainer.  I love the work and I am still doing that on the side to make some extra money.

I applied for numerous jobs after leaving the Basalt company.  20, 30 resumes and applications were sent out.  Week after week, nothing.  Then finally a few phone calls started coming in.  After many interviews and 2 job offers, I chose to go with the Real Estate office job.  I had to fight for that position though because I was up against another person that had years of real estate experience, but not the same level of computer skills that I had.  I could really see the potential in the industry for growing and learning and for a real career.  The other job offer I had was working in medical billing and paid $5 more an hour, but I couldn’t see myself being challenged or happy in that position.  This last time, I wanted a job that I would love and stay with for years.  The paycheck wasn’t the determining factor – mainly because the 2 previous jobs paid really well but I was completely unhappy there.

Over the summer, while I was looking for another job, I found myself falling back into old destructive habits again.  Drinking a lot more than normal.  Actually dated a guy, if you could call it that – not sure I really want to get into the details on that one.   The point is, that I went right back to the old self-destructive way of living when times got hard.  My son was very disappointed with me and that really, really hurts.

I dropped by motorcycle at the end of the summer and broke my arm – not so bad that I went to the doctor or hospital, but bad enough that it ended my riding for the summer and fall and significantly interfered with my ice skating and skiing activities.

My Ex-husband remarried in November – that was a little harder to take than I thought it would be.  However, after a little bit of time, I am feeling much freer than I could have imagined.

Really, for every bad thing that happened, there has been a good thing to counter it.  After all the bad jobs, I do have a good one now.  I have a lot to learn in this new industry, but I feel like it is right for me.

Looking for a new job can really make you question your abilities. With all the knock downs of my skill levels and qualifications, I have learned humility and to accept criticism better – although it still hurts like hell and I don’t like being told that I don’t measure up sometimes.  One thing I have always prided myself on is that I do a good job.

I would have to say the lesson for the year has been that I am not all that good at everything and there is always room for improvement.  It really has been a very humbling experience this year.

How has your year been?  What lessons have you learned?

There is always hope.

There is always hope.

Funny Story


Have you ever made plans with someone?  You decide the time and the place.  You even confirm with them that your still on for your plans.  And then find out that it is not the person you thought it was.

That is what just happened to me.  I was pleasantly surprised by who I had made plans with and we all had a great time.  I thought I was making plans with a friend from Chattanooga.  I couldn’t understand why she was inviting me to a blog meeting this evening in East Ridge, when she was supposed to be meeting me in Cleveland at the same exact time.

I went with the plan and showed up at the designated place and time and waited for my friend.   To my surprise, two other friends came in. They came on in and sat down at my table and started talking and ordering.  Well, you can image my surprise.  Here I am thinking that my one friend is coming and then these 2 show up and make themselves at home.  So,  of course, I had to ask.  Was it them that I had been texting with all week?  And of course it was.  My contacts had, somehow, got switched up.

No wonder my friend from Chattanooga was inviting me to the Blog Up in East Ridge.  Ha ha.  She had no idea what I was talking about.

And when I texted her (or so I thought) and asked about her being double booked, my other friend was puzzled, but came anyway.

We had a great time.  We laughed and talked and decided to do this again sometime.  I just wonder if I am the only person who this has ever happened to. Ha Ha!

Resolutions or Goals? Which do you set?


I used to sit down every year and write down all my resolutions for the year.  And always at the top of the list was to lose weight and exercise, which morphed into eat right and be more active.  Always, that was on my list.

Then my resolutions changed to goals.  Goals with tangible check points so that I could actually see progress and measure success or failure.

This year, I was so sick, I did neither.  But this morning, feeling actually human again, I had a couple of ideas that I will try this year.

  1. Put God first in my life.  I have definitely strayed away from God recently.  But as soon as I turn back to Him,  miracles begin to happen in my life.  Once again reaffirming to me that He is always there, I just have to turn to Him and ask and, hardest of all, accept His love and kindness.
  2. Take care of me.  I am guilty of taking care of everyone else before I take care of me.  And I have learned, over and over again, that I can’t take care of anyone else until I am able to take care of me.
  3. Put my family first.  In starting a new business this year, I know that I will have the tendency to put that first-above everything else.  I must, must, must put my kids first and not the business.  Even though this business is important to me, my kids must know that they come before the business every time.  I think it will be something as simple a cooking a meal each night and eating at the table instead of in front of the TV or computer.  Making that daily connection with them that we have neglected for quite some time will make a difference.
  4. In order to accomplish all of my goals this year, organization is going to be key. I think I will pull out that book that has been my “go to” organizational tool forever.  It’s called “The Family Manager’s Everyday Survival Guide” by Kathy Peel.  I have lived with this plan for years and years and when I actually follow the plan – it works!!    Basically, it is about compartmentalizing your life and prioritizing, breaking down huge goals in to manageable small bites that can be accomplished a little at a time.

Enough talk, now it is time for action!!

So, do you have resolutions or goals?  What are they?  Are they the same every year or do you like to change them up each year?  Are you like me and can’t even remember what you set as your goals last year? (ha ha)

Iris Apfel can kiss my size 18 ass!!


Iris Apfel

Ok, yes, I am pissed.  And maybe this struck a  nerve with me because this freak of a designer, Iris Apfel,  looks like my mother, who holds pretty much the same type of attitudes about curvy people (people in general).

Added later today:  I have been fuming about this all day long.  I think another thing that pisses me off so much about what this woman said is that she thinks that she is so much smarter and better than everyone else that she has the right to make judgements like this about them.

She doesn’t know that maybe they can’t afford to buy fancy clothes because they have been unemployed for months and are struggling to keep their home and feed their family.  She doesn’t know if their job was outsourced by one of the company’s she owns stock in.

So what did she say to piss me off so much? This:

‘Now when I walk down Fifth Avenue in the summertime I just want to throw up.

‘It seems that the fatter and uglier people are, the fewer clothes they wear. The shorts and flip-flops and tight jeans on butts that go from here to Poughkeepsie.

‘I always say they should put people in jail for wearing clothes like that. Especially stretch jeans over [US] size 10 – they should be outlawed. Ten years ago people were starting to look like slobs in New York, now it’s an epidemic.’

Not that she would ever intervene on a bad case of misjudged style. ‘Oh, now that would be horrible. It’s a free country – if you want to look like a freak, that’s your problem.’

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.  And yes, I know that by bringing attention to this woman, I am just helping her to become more famous.  I just couldn’t let it go, though.

So, I wanted to say to Iris Apfel today:

Kiss My Size 18 Ass, Iris Apfel!

“Kiss my Size 18 ass dressed in stretch skinny jeans.  I don’t feel like a freak, I feel beautiful!  And I can rock my curves better than your skinny little white ass ever could!!!!”

And, lest you think that I am too old to rock a pair of skinny jeans, below is Kelsea.  Kelsea is 18 years old and can wear a pair of skinny jeans better than anyone I know!!

Kelsea - photo shoot for PrimpMe Chattanooga

And yes, I realize that I live in America and she has the right to express her opinion.  Guess what?  So do I.  And my opinion is, that her opinion sucks!  And it is opinions and ideals like hers in the fashion industry that only serve to alienate them more and more from the average woman.  Of course, we all know that runway designers don’t design for the average woman – they design for stick thin models who will probably be the only people who ever wear their designs because they are so far-fetched and crazy that no one in their right mind would be caught dead in them.  But that’s ok because, “it’s a free country – if you want to look like a freak, that’s your problem.” Right?

Now, I would like to tip my hat to designers that truly know how to dress women of all sizes.  Real women that live in the real world!

Yuliya Raquel – IGigi        
Ashley Stewart
And there are a gazillion more, but I am so upset I can’t think of them.

Count your blessings.


You know, I have had a pretty shitty year.  And over this last weekend I wallowed in self-pity and said a thousand woe-is-me’s.  Today, I am so sick of myself and my pity-party!

Today, I am going to find the blessings in all of the events over this year.  Yea, yea, I know.  It is only October.  How can I possibly be wanting this year to be over already, right?  Aren’t we always told that tomorrow is a new day?  Aren’t we supposed to get a fresh new start every morning?  Isn’t that what all the positive self-image people say?

Well, I think I need to take full advantage of those fresh new starts and new days – right now!

So, at the first of the year, I decided to start a Plus Sized Fashion Blog.  Came up with a name and an idea and started writing and taking pictures and buying clothes and buying clothes and buying clothes.  Oh, and did I mention that I started buying clothes.  Well, needless to say, a maxed out credit card later, I am no longer “starting” anything.  I am done buying clothes and shoes and anything else remotely related to fashion.  I do, however, have a very well stocked wardrobe from which to draw my clothing ideas from for the rest of the year or two.  Ding!  Blessing!

The blessing in disguise is that now I have to tell myself no.  I have to discipline myself to not go binge shopping.  I have to be frugal and show self-restraint.  But, it also makes me really think about whether I need something or not.  Or if I can come up with something similar in my current wardrobe with a couple of tweeks here and there.

The blog itself has morphed into this online journal, of sorts.  Ding! Blessing! A wonderful release for me with a little entertainment for you, my few followers and readers.  I think that is a blessing too, really.  The less people I think are reading my blogs, the more honest I tend to be.

Even though I did not become this big Stylist like I wanted to.  I did hook up with an incredible group of women in the Common Bond Christian Women’s Job Corp.  I get to host an image workshop and share all the knowledge that I gained over the years about fashion and dressing. Ding! Blessing!

This year, my daughter graduated from high school and my son from elementary school.  May was supposed to be this wonderful month of joy and family gatherings.  Instead, we had a tornado rip through the neighborhood on April 27, 2011.  Thankfully, no one was killed in our neighborhood – Ding! Blessing!  And our house was not seriously damaged – Ding! Blessing!  The neighbors all pulled together and helped each other – Ding! Blessing!  And the kids got out of school and finals a week early, but still got to graduate – Ding! Blessing!  By the time the graduations rolled around, the power, phone and cable were all back on – Ding! Blessing!  And we still got to gather with family and friends to celebrate – Ding! Blessing!

My mother decided that she did not want me relying on her for friendship or have a relationship with me or my children – Ding! Blessing!  I know, I know, you are saying, “Whaaattt?”  I said, Ding! Blessing!  She is a manipulative, passive-aggressive Bitch and we are better off without her being around to wreak her havoc on our lives.

Over the summer, I lost 2 very dear friends to me.  They both had health issues.  They both were not doing well.  I will miss them terribly.  There isn’t a whole lot of blessing I can find in losing either of them, but I am trying.  Now I can be assured that they will no longer be sick or hurting.  Their families can find comfort in that too. Ding. Blessing.  I am finding a strength inside myself to cope and deal with losing friends that I never knew I had. Ding. Blessing.

The whole contractor fiasco has taught me that I can do alot more handyman things around this house than I thought I could.  That has given me confidence in being a home owner. Ding! Blessing!  I am being forced to tackle a project that I really didn’t think i could handle – but I guess we are fixin’ to find out if I am up to the task.

So, even though I have had some pretty big obstacles and problems thrown my way, I just keep reminding myself that God never gives us more than we can handle, that there is always a lesson to be learned and that if you try, you can find the blessings in the tragedy of life.

What about you?  What blessings have you found in the awful things that have happened in your life?



My Dad sent me this PowerPoint Presentation today and I really wanted to share it with more than just a few email buddies. So, I am sharing it with everyone!!

The pictures are spectacular and the ideas are phenomenal. I hope that you will enjoy it and take it to heart.